Price inquiry


What does the price depend on?

Rajanedes meie kogemusele, siis 2-keelset veebi kiiremini kui 3 nädalaga tavaliselt valmis ei saa ja 2-3 nädalast tööaega hindaksin kindlasti palju väärtuslikumaks kui 360€. Seega ärge valige kõige odavamat kodulehe tegijat, vaid usaldage nö. kuldset keskteed! Äpi hind sõltub suuresti sellest, mitmele platvormile arendada soovitakse. Samuti peab arvestama asjaoluga, et äpp on keskmisest kodulehest 10 korda mahukam.

How long does it take?

If the purpose of the website is to do business on the web, ie to make money, the creation of such a website is actually the result of the work of at least 4 specialists (copywriter, graphic designer, SEO expert / web developer) and must take at least 1 month to complete.

What content must be there?

The content of the website is A and O. It must be of high quality and impressive. When writing texts, the art of optimization also comes into play. SEO is necessary for your web to be maximally searchable with related keywords. Don't forget to refer to what is said to be proof of your claims. For example, Eiffel, a company that offers a professional copywriting service, charges as much as € 414 + km for writing a 500-word text, because a good copy is a 24/7 salesman.

Where do we start?

The main emphasis in our company to be able to provide you with the best service starts with the volume assessment. Once the volume estimate is made, we can continue with the three main color choices. The three main tones are custom and it gives the website originality. The next step would be to create the necessary views. Views required for a specific solution or app.

How sustainable is the solution?

The sustainability of IT solutions is largely based on customer needs. By agreement, Ecofellow OÜ can help in the further development of the solution and pay the administrative costs of the solution server.


The average price of a website is around 800 euros. The average price of an E-shop is around 1000 euros. The average app price is 10,000 euros. However, these prices have not been cut down and everything is negotiable.